Saturday, June 21, 2014

Every Author Needs FRESH EYES!

Every Author needs FRESH EYES! 

by Sandy Penny, Founder of and

Even if you have an editor and several early readers, if they have looked at the book more than once, you need  FRESH EYES.

I am the Founder of Sweet Mystery Books. My love of reading, mysteries and the written word inspired me to build the Sweet Mystery Books site to help independent authors have a nice platform on which to build success. After reading huge numbers of self-published novels (and traditionally published ones) I decided to offer my PROOFING SKILLS for your self-published mystery novels. Every week as I read for Sweet Mystery Books, typos, grammatical errors and wrong words jump out at me like a Jack-in-the-Box. Every book has some errors, and most from 20 to 100. I hate to see authors shoot themselves in the foot by not having a good final proofing.

I find missing words, bad usage, confusing grammar, typos, misspellings, and other common mistakes that a spell checker or grammar checker won't catch. I feel bad for authors who have spent all that time and effort to publish a digital or on-demand book only to find they have large numbers of embarrassing errors in their finished product. And, people who are avid readers usually notice this and are put off by it.

I am not attached to being your proofreader, but for goodness sake, choose someone new and good to do a final read when you think you're ready to publish. I promise you'll be surprised by how much was missed.

Even if you had an editor and several readers, if they have looked at the book more than once, you need FRESH EYES.

To work with me, all you have to do is choose the length of your novel, click the pay button and use Paypal or a credit card, and send your digital manuscript to, Kindle preferred, but a Microsoft Word doc or PDF is fine. I promise a quick turnaround

No paper manuscripts, please. I'm all digital. Quick turnaround guaranteed. Please include your preferred contact information including a phone number.